"You boys love playing tug-o-war with Jamie."


"You two are always racing those things around the house. Sometimes you ride together."


β€œGrandpa got that mask for Halloween. You boys love having people wear it and scare you!”


"Jamie gets jealous of all of your boys' play time. She likes to get rowdy too!"


"You get very upset with things don't go your way. You throw and hit things, like knocking the slide onto its side."


"Brotherly love:)"


"You boys are always thirsty and hungry. You're hounding dad for food and your milk cup on the counter.”


"You always want to salt your food abundantly. Little do you know, we keep the cap on so no salt comes out!”


"You like feeding the dog. However, you only feed her a couple pieces at a time. When you were younger, you would eat her food too.”


"You are always in the pantry. Dad had to get a hook to keep the door closed and you out of there. All you want to eat is muffins!"


"Your explosive diarrhea on the floor... made dad vomit:)"


"You are just chilling thinking I have a crazy familyas dad is puking and mom is trying to clean all the poop off your brother.”


"You two are always losing toys under the couch. Especially your cars."


"Bedtime routine, watch one show before bed."


"You play with your toys at the table when you don't want to share with your brother."


"We all snuggle on the small couch. Jamie is usually up here, and dad by himself on the big couch."


"'I stink you!' That's what Michael said when he farted in dad's face."


"You are my sunshine..."


"You sleep with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and a bunny. You go right to sleep."


"You enjoy having us read you bedtime stories."


"You are my sunshine..."


"Michael needs his BIG hugs before going to bed."

Michael Evangelista