Document life.
Explore imagination.

A different approach to family photography.


Day in the Life

Photo Shoot

Preserve what life is like today. Capture authentic moments and the little things that make this year different. Add your own insights on life today with parent captions. Print a book for you to look back on, for your kids to see their childhood, and for your grandchildren to see what life was like raising their dad.

For Single Family - Any Day


Family Cookbook

Photo Shoot

Pass on recipes and celebrate the people that make home cooking special. Schedule a big family dinner, cook family recipes, eat and have fun. I’ll take pictures of the preparation, finished dishes, and activity in the house. Receive a cookbook featuring your family coming together around food.

For Single Family - Multi Family - Any Group - Any Day - Holiday - Christmas Cookies


Kids Rule

Photo Shoot

Preserve who your child is today as they play art director on their own photo shoot. Their ideas and direction lead the way as we capture their life, interests, and creativity. Pictures may include portraits, candids, studio look, and fun concepts.

For Single Family - Any Day - Birthday


Kid’s Activity

Photo Shoot

Photograph your kids searching for treasure, tracking a unicorn, or building an igloo. Activities can be fantasy based, where kids really believe they see a unicorn behind the trees. Or any fun and visually interesting activity where your kids and maybe a few childhood friends have an experience together.

For Single Family - Multi Family - Any Day - Birthday Party


It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.
— Kurt Vonnegut