Info Packet



How to Schedule a Shoot

Call, email, or text me to discuss the right day and time for your shoot.
Cell 773-343-4619

Generally, ordinary evenings are a great time to shoot. Everyone is together and we capture your daily routine. Special days are an option as well. At minimum, shoots are four hours long.

A $100 deposit is required to reserve a shoot date/time. It will be applied as payment toward your total. But if you cancel the shoot within five (5) days of your shoot, the $100 is a cancellation fee. Another $100 deposit will be due when you reschedule.

Last minute shoots are welcome, and do not require a deposit. I understand family schedules can be hectic and planning anything two weeks out is a big commitment. Feel free to text me on Monday and ask if I can shoot on Wednesday. As long as I’m available, let’s shoot. A shoot is last minute if requested with less than (6) days lead time.


Before the Shoot

You do not need to prepare for the shoot.

When you look back on your pictures they should ring true to you. I understand you might want to tidy up a bit, but don’t go to far. We want pictures of real life, not pictures to put your house on the market.


Shoot Day

Our goal is to photograph real life as it happens. There will be no posing or direction. The only thing you have to do is carry on like it’s a normal day.

We might plan little things to influence what happens. Like putting water balloons in the backyard. But again, how things play out will be organic. And whether or not we get a great shot of someone being hit in the face with water balloon, is up to chance.

No specific pictures are guaranteed. You get what you get. My job is to ensure whatever you get is great.


After the Shoot

You will receive an online gallery. It will be password protected and full of high resolution files that you can share, save, and print as you wish.

You will also receive a hardcover photo book full of pictures I have selected, aka “artist selects”. The book quality is more like a wedding album than your typical family photo book. Your first 20 pages are free with one image per page.

You may add additional pages for $11 per two pages. You may also upgrade to a flush mount book for $121. Add captions to your photos for $48.

Book page $11 per two pages
Flush mount $121
Add captions $48



Your privacy is taken very seriously. Every effort is made to keep you anonymous. First names or last names are not used in file names, URLs, or as text on a webpage. If someone googles your name, your pictures shouldn’t come up, unless you posted them on social media. Please let me know if you have any privacy concerns.