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Delilah and Izzy, this really shows how close you two are and I love how you are expressing it with your feet. They are entangled like you're holding hands. Delilah, you're just like me when I was a kid, always doing things with your feet like picking things up and even drawing.
- Mom


Delilah, you are like a tornado. In five seconds you have markers and paper everywhere. It's your organized mess. You make me think of the mad scientist in cartoons with their arms moving so fast it creates a big dust ball, and when it settles there's a finished robot.
- Dad


I know this look. You're happy and confident in the move you just made. You love games and you loving winning even more and think victory is just a few turns away.
- Mom


You girls are growing so fast and I've started to think of you as my big girls. But seeing these stools makes me appreciate how little you still are.
- Mom


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