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Holiday & In Development Pricing

Welcome! You are here because you know someone cool, which probably means you’re pretty cool yourself and deserve the inside scoop on some special deals. Although these aren’t public your welcome to share these deals with friends and family.

The Christmas Card and Day in the Life shoot are special deals. The reset of the shoots are ideas in development and to maintain the freedom to explore they are offered at a lower rate.

Christmas Card Shoot


A conceptual scene or your kids being cute, have pictures to enjoy beyond Christmas.


Regularly $350

2hr shoot
Files Included


Day in the Life Shoot


Preserve your family’s life as it is today. For you to look back on, for your kids to see their childhood, and for future generations to connect with family history.

Shots of:
Your family being themselves in every day life. The little things that make this year different. Relationships. Routine. Personality.


Regularly $720

High Res Digital Files Included
20 Page Photo Book Included

More hours of shooting $??
More book pages $10 (each two page spread)


Family Cook Book Shoot


There’s something special about home cooking. A look at how family comes together around food. A photo cookbook is a mix of your family recipes and pictures of you family coming together around food.

Shots include:
Activity in the house
Eating together
Casual family photo

Cooking. Activity in the house. Food. Casual family photo.


Regularly $800

4hr Shoot
Book included

High Res Digital Files $5 each or $150 for all.


Kids Birthday Shoot


Celebrate who your child is today. What they’re into, what they do. Their friends. Their personality.

Shots of:
Documentary coverage of birthday party. Environmental portrait featuring kids bedroom or significant place. Casual family portrait.


Regularly $500

4hr shooting time Included

More hours of shooting $??
High Res Digital Files $5 each
Prints $varies
Starting at $30 standard book, starting at $70 quality book


Smile for the Camera Shoot


A casual take on traditional stand in front of the camera family photos.

Shots of:
Standing or sitting together smiling at the camera. Walking around a park or photogenic spot in town. Casual opposed to formal.


Regularly $300

1hr Shoot

Files $5
Prints $varies or buy the files to print on your own.


Pricing above is good till 2/28/19


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