Shoot Guide

Day in the Life Photo Shoot Guide

Day in the Life Shoot Guide




What day should we shoot?
Ordinary day are great. They capture your life today and the little things that make this year different.

Out of the ordinary days are an option as well.

Scheduling a date
You can schedule a shoot date weeks in advance or last minute. Last minute as in, text me Tuesday to shoot on Thursday (if I'm available).

Scheduling a time
Sessions are 4 hours minimum, and typically end with bedtime (e.x. 4pm - 8pm). Longer sessions generally start in the afternoon and end at bedtime. Full day session start in the morning and end at bedtime.


Before the Shoot


No preparation is required for the shoot.

Your house
You don't have to clean, but you certainly can if you wish. Consider what you want to see in the pictures when looking back. Keep in mind what might be seen as clutter today, in the future could be details articulating a particular time.

Wear whatever you like, would normally wear.

Eat what and when you normally eat. And yes, I'd love to eat with you. I eat anything, no dietary restrictions.

We don't have to go anywhere. But if we do (the store, soccer practice, etc.) I'll ride with you.


Day of the Shoot


I'll take pictures of you and your family going about your day.

Upon arriving
I'll probably spend a little time getting to know your kids before shooting. Maybe they can show me their room. Maybe I'll show them a magic trick.

Once shooting starts
Go about your business as if I wasn't there. I will not pose you or give any direction of any kind. I may flip a light on or off, possibility open the curtains. I may be shooting right next to you on the couch, or from outside through a window.

I will not interfere with childhood behavior unless the child is in grave danger. I will not be "watching" your kids, I will be observing them and taking pictures. If they're about to spill a cup of water I won't stop it from happening, I'll be taking pictures of it happening.

Not a fan of being photographed?
It may feel weird having your picture taken while doing every day things like pouring a cup of water, but after 45min people usually get used it. Not having to "do" anything for the camera makes being photographed a lot easier. Also, 90% of images taken will never see the light of day anyway.


After the Shoot


About 1 week after, you'll receive a video slideshow.
A preview of the images, and look at the day.

About 2 weeks after, your online gallery will be available.
You can view all images, select favorites, and add the captions to be included in your book.
You can share the gallery.
You can purchases high resolution copies of the images (to archive and print on your own).
You can purchase prints.

After you select your favorite images and add your captions - I'll start designing your book.
Your book will be 8"x11", hardcover, with 20 pages included. You can add up to 70 pages for an additional cost of $5 per two page spread. You can view a preview of the book throughout the design process, and request changes at any time. After your final approval - the book will be printed.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.31.58 AM.jpg

The Book


Your layout is custom designed.
Images are big and bold with one or two images per page. Presentation is simple, clean, and flows from start to finish. Captions are placed to inform, but not obstruct or distract from the images.  

The book is built to last generations.
It has a hardcover, library quality binding, and non-bendable pages made with archival photo paper.
Click Here - for a detailed look at quality.

You can customize the color of the book, cover text, and outer material (changing outer material my require additional cost). While 20 pages are included, you can add up to 70 pages for an additional cost of 5$ per two page spread.

Your book will arrive 3-5 weeks after final approval.
Delivered to your home.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.43.10 PM.jpg

Your Privacy


Your privacy is taken very seriously.
I make every effort to prevent search engines from associating your identity with media I create. Your first names and last name are never used in file names, URLs, or text on a webpage. When search engines look at my pictures they associate the picture with me, not you.

I will not tag you if I post a picture of your family on social media. Again, as to not associating you with the picture. BUT, if you post on social media, the platform and search engines will likely make the association and the media will be connected to you.

You may see your last name at the beginning of your slideshow video.
But search engines can't see it. Or just ask and I'll omit it.

Password protection
The online gallery and slideshow are password protected. You can request to have password protection removed.

Please, let me know of any privacy concerns you may have.